New York Times Apologises for Cartoon on India’s Mars Mission


New york Times apologised for the cartoon published on its pages as readers complained that it was racist and derogatory to India’s achievement of the space feat. (Cartoon: NYT)

In response to the complaints and criticisms received from the readers, New York Times has issued apologies for its offending cartoon on India’s Mars mission, on Monday.

The controversial cartoon has depicted a man knocking the door of a room, with a cow, at the “Elite Space Club.” The cartoon was illustrated by Singapore based cartoonist Heng Kim Song. Readers accused the daily for promoting racism.
After publishing the article with the cartoon, immense response has been received by the daily’s official page in facebook, where the readers, especially Indians, appeared to be unhappy and angry with the cartoon. The cartoon which drew extensive negative responses from the people has been titled India’s Budget Mission to Mars.
India has been successfully completed the mission of Mangalyaan weeks ago. People have commented that India’s stunning victory with its Mars Orbital Mission has been trying to bring down by the western world, using their tactics.
The clarification for people’s responses has been updated in the New York Time’s social media Facebook’s page by the Editorial Page Editor of New York Times, Andrew Rosenthal.
In the Facebook post, Rosenthal said that a large number of readers have complained about a recent editorial cartoon in The International New York Times, about India’s foray into space exploration.
Rosenthal said, “The intent of the cartoonist, Heng Kim Song, was to highlight how space exploration is no longer the exclusive domain of rich, Western countries. Mr. Heng, who is based in Singapore, uses images and text – often in a provocative way – to make observations about international affairs.”
He wrote, “We apologize to readers who were offended by the choice of images in this cartoon. Mr. Heng was in no way trying to impugn India, its government or its citizens. We appreciate that readers have shared their feedback, which we welcome.”

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