New Twist to Netaji Files: Gumnami Baba Box with Old Photos of Netaji Parents Found

Courtesy: Faizabad administration

The mystery of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose fails to die as new revelation that Gumnami Baba, who lived in Uttar Pradesh’s Faizabad district, had possession of old photos of the Bose family, according to the retrieved box from the district treasury.

The photograph had Netaji’s parents, Jankinath Bose and Prabhawati Bose, in the inventory, with the identities confirmed by Shakti Singh, the owner of Ram Bhawan where Gumnami Baba spent his final three years until he died in 1985.It had 22 members of Bose family in the blackl and white group photo.

The administrative committee of Faizabad district administration was formed to cross verify the claims of some people who beleive that Gumnami Baba was indeed Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose who lived in incognito.

Shakti Singh said Lalita Bose, the daughter of Netaji’s brother Suresh Chandra Bose, also visited Ram Bhawan in Faizabad on February 4, 1986 and identified the photographs and her description was part of the inventory at the treasury.

Others in the photo (from left to right) in the top row of the photograph are Sudhir Chandra Bose, Satish Chandra Bose, Sarat Chandra Bose, Suresh Chandra Bose, Sunil Chandra Bose and Subhas Chandra Bose.

In the middle row, Jankinath Bose and Prabhawati Bose, with their three daughters are seen and the bottom row had all the grandchildren of Jankinath Bose, he said.

Several other telegrams sent to Gumnami Baba by Azad Hind Fauj (INA) veterans Pabitra Mohan Roy and Sunil Kant Gupta on different occasions including Netaji’s birthday on January 23 were found.

However, the twist of the story was that Nehru himself had sent a senior minister to determine whether Gumnami Baba was Netaji and it turned futile and the new twist give more ammunition to guess and speculate the next debate on Netaji Files.

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