New study shows Indian urban men at increasing risk of thyroid dysfunction

A new research performed by SRL Diagnostics – an Indian based pathology and diagnostic centre divulged that Indian urban men are at a greater risk of thyroid dysfunction due to rising number of thyroid cases being identified in them, of late.


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According to the study, SRL monitored a total of 14, 24,008 samples for the experiment. Out of them, 22.68 percent were found to contain abnormal TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone) levels. Men belonging in the age group of 31-45 years, otherwise considered to be the “younger population” were found to be at a superior risk of having thyroid dysfunction.

They covered 30.33 percent of the samples with irregular TSH levels, while those belonging in the age group of 46-60 years, otherwise considered to be the “older population” covered 25.81 percent of the samples. The study revealed that the men in the Eastern zone of India showed the highest occurrence of the disease with 25.2 percent having the irregularity. The Northern zone covered 23.9 percent and the Western zone covered 21.1 percent.

Southern zone came out with the lowest percentage of occurrence of the disease with 19.4 percent having the irregularity.

Dr. B.R. Das who is the President of Research and Innovation, and Mentor of Molecular Pathology and Clinical Research Service of SRL Diagnostic said, “SRL Diagnostic’s in-house data analysis on thyroid tests assesses the nationwide abnormalities in test results in men residing in various cities.” He emphasized on the “significant need” to reach out and make everyone aware of the reasons, symptoms, medication and the importance of examining thyroid disorders.

The study showed that thyroid dysfunctions that are most commonly found in women are no more confined to them, and are affecting men with major impacts directing to mental health issues, infertility, heart problems, etc.

Hypothyroidism is an iodine deficient disorder (IDDs) which is highly common in India with one out of 10 people being detected with the problem.

The SRL research also suggested that effective monitoring of endocrine function among patients at higher risk of irregularity, besides regular screening of thyroid condition and dose modification are required to grant effective therapy to cure the disease.

Das said that the problems related with irregular production of thyroid hormones remain to grow considerably and “awareness about the disease in the country among men remains shockingly low.”

Indian Thyroid Society carried out a survey recently that showed awareness for the disease in the ninth position as compared to other usual diseases like cholesterol problem, asthma, depression, diabetes, insomnia and heart problem.

The frequency of hypothyroidism in the developed countries is guesstimated to be about four to five percent with the disease more common in the age group of 46-54 years.

According to Thyroid Foundation of Canada, an approximated 200 million people suffer from thyroid dysfunction globally. In Canada one in 10 Canadians suffers from some kind of the disease with 50 percent left undetected.

According to the American Thyroid Association, approximately 20 million Americans suffer from some kind of thyroid disorder out of which up to 60 percent are unaware of it.

In India, an estimated 42 million people suffer from thyroid disorders, as per the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism.

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  1. Anirudh Kumar Satsangi

    They should be advised to do SARVANGASAN, a yoga exercise. This will combat thyroid malfunction.

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