New owner to demolish Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow ‘Aashirwad’

Mangalore-based businessman Shashi Kiran Shetty, who bought Rajesh Khanna’s bungalow “Ashirvad” after his death, has different plans from what his family planned before.

The businessman has plans to convert the bungalow into a four-storey building befitting the cost of Rs.90 crore he paid for the place and glory it held before. The bungalow where Rajesh Khanna lived was almost 50 years old necessitating its demolition, said the businessman.

“We’ve to redevelop the property since the existing structure is more than 50 years old. The process will start in a couple of months,” Shetty, executive chairperson of Allcargo Logistics, part of Avvashya Group, told the Times of India.

The Bollywood legendary actor Rajesh Khanna’s bugalow is in a 6,500 square foot area, providing enough room for reconstruction. Though the name Aashirvad remains in tact, the new building may lack the traditional look that had attracted many tourists for decades in Mumbai’s landscape.

“The actor’s family probably wanted to screen prospective buyers. I was looking for a property, and this one suited my budget. The deal was done directly with the family with a property consultant. The family was gracious during the process,” he told the TOI.

The history behind the building name ‘Ashirwad’ is more filmi than expected. Originally, the building was called ‘Dimple’ before Rajesh Khanna got married to Dimple Kapadia and he bought it from fellow actor Rajendra Kumar and named it ‘Aashirwad.’

Despite advice from the fraternity that the building was proven “unlucky” for Rajendra Kumar who had produced many silver jubilee films, for Rajesh Khanna, the bungalow turned really LUCKY with 15 back to back film hits, a record no one could break in Bollywood history so far.

The original will by Rajesh Khanna bequeathed the bungalow to his daughters Twinkle and Rinky, not his wife estranged wife Dimple, with a wish to make it a museum but it was sold against Rajesh Khanna’s will three years later. Anita Advani, a live in partner of Rajesh Khanna also made a claim over the property, but failed.

Shetty, who built a Rs 4,500-crore empire, started his journey in Mumbai at age 25, backed by two years of work in shipping agencies.

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