New Google Contributor: Search Giant Committing Harakiri Ushering in New Ad-free but Paid Content Model ?

Google has launched a new solution to advertising menace online called “Contributor” which will charge users to opt out of advertisements unmindful of many open source adblocks.

Google hopes to get additional income from the ad-free online environment making content-rich websites paid ones or with participating websites in the experiment.

In a way, Google is hoping to bring in an alternative eco-system of paid content at a time when onlline users are accustomed to content ffreely available for the past decade or so, thanks to Google’s own search engine.

The ad-driven model has also reached a peak that it is irretrievably set in such a way that all the experiments so far put up by the likes of Financial Times to Murdoch-empire’s New york Times or Wall Street Journal.

Perhaps, Google is realising that a system stemmed from its own making whereby freely availlable content and even rich content is available free online and the only way one can support the new pattern is by ads and the user does have an option to download open-sourced adblocks, if required.

So, where does Google Contributor model fits in? If the content is really rich, it is already available for a nominal fee and Google’s attempt to enter this domain may not yield results.

Publishers may benefit, no doubt, but can Google stop freely available content from reaching the viewers? Unless Google unleashes its monopolistic search content filters, the model will not work.

If it ever works, then Google’s own business model that is generating $13 billion a year will suffer as advertisers will move away from the top search engine.

Moreover, with Facebook and Twitter giving a head-on on news front, Google will be finally left with search engine front and advertisers distancing it gradually will only prove inimical to the search giant. Hope Google is not committing Harakiri!

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