New Book on Vedic Astrology Offers Remedies

A new book written by Hemant Bhatt titled ‘Vision of Karma Results in Vedic Jyotisha – Hema Jyotisha Sangraha’ prices at Rs.2,602 claims to help you read about karma through various methods like yoga, curse factors, star quarter, karmic debts, etc., with practical horoscopes, sun horoscopes, and Vedic remedial measures.

The same author had written a book titled "Cursed Karma of Past Life in Vedic Jyotisha" published in 2014 but priced modestly at Rs.399. The rationale behind the new astronomical price is highly unusual and the book may not generate good demand despite the title.

It is based on Vedic astrology, "Hora" for karmas. This book is compilation of "Hora" scriptures and other various treaties; best and remaining is given by Brahmin, the mighty seeker of astrology (the author), as told by Lord Shiva to the goddess Shivaa.

This book offers practical horoscopes, sun horoscopes and Vedic remedial measures. Treaty is in the form of dialogue between god ‘Shivaa-Shiva’ presented as quest of sage ‘Hema’ and disciple. Practical sun horoscope and birth horoscopes are discussed and various Vedic remedial measures are given in this book.

Tools to deal with subject and other topics of general interest are also provided to grasp the basic idea of using them in prognostication of karma results. The book is in the form of English translation of Sansrit verses and comments in English. Partridge India, a Penguin company, has published the work.

“If Vedic Astrologers appreciate this work by taking correct assessment of karma results and remedial measures,” Bhatt says, “it would be like paying true devotion-worship to the Vedic Jyotisha.”

“Vision of Karma Results in Vedic Jyotisha –Hema Jyotisha Sangraha” discusses timely issues in today’s modern world due to environmental hazards and karmic bondage. People cannot find their way to uplift the soul for ‘moxa’ and to do good karmas without expectations. This book touches on this topic in a comprehensive manner.

But for the unusually high price, the book’s title is interesting and a sure shot to make quick money in the name of never-proven Vedic astrology.

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