KATHMANDU, April 25, 2015 (Xinhua) -- Rescuers transfer a body from a site struck by an earthquake in Kathmandu, Nepal, on April 25, 2015. An 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, at 2:11 p.m. (Beijing Time) (0622 GMT) Saturday, China Earthquake Networks Center said. (Xinhua/Zhou Shengping/IANS)

Donations Pour in for Nepal Quake Victims

Besides launching its latest post-quake app “Safety Check”, Facebook has rolled out another “Donate” button for charity towards helping the victims of Saturday Nepal earthquake that killed 4500 so far and the number is still rising.

The right on top button is visible besides the Login button enables one to simply donate or learn more info about the NGO the International Medical Corps with which Facebook has partnered for the relief mission.map

Interestingly, Facebook said it will match the donate up to $2 million and those in India have the option of sending Rs 500, Rs 1000, Rs 2500 and Rs 5000 and more.

Facebook said the International Medical Corps has despatched emergency response teams and it will provide “hygiene kits, water purification tablets and other supplies to keep families healthy.”

Here are other NGOs which have opened their relief missions in Nepal:

Save the Children, known for its presence in every natural disaster, has sent 525 volunteers to distribute food, shelter and clean water. Familiar in Nepal since 1976, Save the Children is providing baby kits such as diapers, food and clean water, hygiene kits and household kits. Save the Children (www.savethechildren.org) is also planning to raise about $50 million and has raised about $600,000.

Care.org, which is also familiar in Nepal since 1978 has sent its 150 members to help at least 1 lakh people on the ground, said Brian Feagans, director of communications at Care.org (http://www.care.org). They are focusing on sanitation and humanitarian supplies to people outside Kathmandu and near Pokhara. The NGO wants to raise $40 million.

Oxfam, another familiar non-profit agency, (http://www.oxfamamerica.org) has set up four camps in the Kathmandu Valley and plans to expand to at least 16 sites in a week’s time to help earthquake victims, said Alissa Rooney, director.

Red cross: The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (http://ifrc.org) was among the first to launch an appeal for 33.4 million Swiss franc emergency appeal to help Nepal quake victims, including food, shelter, water and sanitation assistance for 75,000 victims.

Doctors Without Borders: Doctors Without Borders (http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org) has pressed 8 teams so far in Nepal and it said all the donations will go to the group’s general fund until it identifies the specific requirements of Nepal victims. Once the assessment is done, it will go for a fundraising goal.

Team Rubicon, that got fame during the Sandy Hurricane relief work, has an operation underway in Nepa, raising about $61,000 so far and its goal is to raise $75,000. (http://www.teamrubiconusa.org)

UNICEF: The UN children’s fund is not seen on the ground but seeking to mobilize funds for the rescue mission in Nepal. (http://www.unicef.org/)

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