Nepal Quake Pushed Kathmandu Valley Up by 80cm: Survey

nepal quake nasaThe change tectonic plates that triggered the Neap earthquake on Aprl 25 resulted in the altitude of the Kathmandu Valley getting elevated by 80 cm, said authorities based on some quick surveys.

“The altitude of the valley increased by 80 cm as the Indian tectonic plate moved further to the Tibetan plate during the quake,” said Madhu Sudan Adhikari, director general of the department of survey of Nepal.

Based on a quick Global Positioning System (GPS) survey carried out by the department, it was found that the altitude of the valley has risen slightly.

The Kathmandu Valley is now situated at an altitude 80cm higher than what was 1,338 metres above the sea level before the 7.9-magnitude quake hit the Himalayan nation.

The 24-hour GPS survey was conducted from five control stations on hills surrounding the valley four days after the devastating quake, said authorities.



(With inputs from IANS)



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