Nepal quake death toll rises to 4,347 officially: Latest Update

The death toll in Nepal earthquake has reached 4,347 in the last three days since Saturday, according to official figures but ground rescue operation teams feat that it may cross 10,000 once the full picture is available.

Google person finder for Nepal Earthquake

Google person finder for Nepal Earthquake

Nepal’s ministry of home affairs said that among one dozen worst affected districts, capital Kathmandu and Sindhupal Chowk top the list with the confirmed deaths of 1,039 and 1,176 people respectively.

Those injured in the quake and undergoing treatment is about 8,000, said the ministry. over 7,500 people were injured and are undergoing treatment in various hospitals.

Hundreds of foreigners including Indians, Chinese, American, French and Australian were killed in the quake.

Save the Children has sent 525 volunteers, another 150 members to help people on the ground, while Oxfam and Red Cross were quick to appeal for donations.

Notably, Doctors Without Borders and Team Rubicon are busy sending relief materials and volunteers to Nepal. UNICEF said it is planning to raise funds for the victims and also chalking out its mission in Nepal for the quake victims.


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