Nepal Jolted by 7.3M Earthquake Again Today (Photos)

Mother Earth’s fury is daunting Nepal which was hit today by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake for the second time in 18 days after the April 25 devastating quake.

While the death toll from Tuesday’s earthquake is moving northward hovering around 57 and 66, neighbouring India’s northeastern region is also jolted by the quake killing 17 so far, reports said.

Apart from Nepal, India, one Tibet woman was killed in her car when rocks fell on the vehicle due to the earthquake, reported CNN.

The number of injured people is 1,260 so far and the toll is increasing faster. As the quake began to shake the surface of the Himalayan nation, thousands of buildings collapsed again sending people rush out for cover from the falling debris.

According to USGS, Tuesday’s magnitude measures 7.3 with 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) deep, compared to April 25 earthquake that measured 7.8 in magnitude that killed more than 8,000 people.

Indian army and airforce are evacuating people to safety in helicopters, from the village of Mrigu to Kathmandu, 60 miles away. Indian Embassy has set up Helpline numbers in Nepal for those seeking help:

Helpline Numbers:
(+977) 9851107021; (+977) 9851135141.

Geologists say both the April 25 and May 12 quakes were shallow, which means that shaking of the ground is enormous. The tectonic zones beneath are still undergoing movement before they settle.

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