Nepal Earthquake: Quick Timeline of Past Quakes in Himalayan Region

At least four people were killed and several injured when a 7.5 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal and caused widespread devastation this morning. One person was killed in an old building collapse in front of the Indian consulate in Kathmandu and at least three people were confirmed killed elsewhere.

Different buildings, including the walls surrounding Nepal’s royal palace, collapsed and more casualties are feared. The quake was felt as far away as in India, Malaysia and Bangladesh.


Initial reports indicated that telephone connectivity was snapped in and around Lamjung, which was near the epicentre of the quake that measured 7.5 on the Richter scale, later revised to 7.9 by USGS. Half an hour later, another earthquake measuring 6.6 on the Richter scale hit 49 km east of Lamjung.

Timeline of Himalayan Earthquakes:

16 December 1920: Measuring 7.8, it killed 2 lakh peole.
22 May 1927: Measuring 7.6, the earthquake killed 40,912.
4 January 1970: Measuring 6.0M and another 7.5 earthquake in Tonghai, together 10,000 people were killed.
22 April 1973: The M7.5 Luhuo earthquake hit the region.
8 November 1997: Measuring 7.6 magnitude. the Manyi earthquake
14 November 2001: Measuring 7.8 Kokoxili earthquake
8 October 2005: The 7.6M Kashmir earthquake in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir killed 87,351.
12 May 2008: The 7.9 magnitude Wenchuan earthquake killed 87,000 people and caused huge damage and loss of property, besides damaging several rivers and lakes.


  1. Map showing extent (w,s,e,n) = (79.6493, 23.1306, 89.6493, 33.1306)
    28.131°N 84.649°E depth=15.0 km (9.3 mi)View interactive map


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