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(Representational Picture)Students discuss question paper after coming out of examination hall in Panaji, on March 2, 2015. CBSE board exams commenced today. (Photo: IANS)

NEET or National Humiliation? Girl Asked to Remove Bra in Kerala

India cried foul when Indian diplomat Devyani Khobragade was strip searched by American police and put in jail in New York three years ago. But here in India, CBSE has least respect to human dignity when it comes to strip-searching minor girls.

The National Eligibility-Cum-Entrance Test (NEET) for medical seats conducted nationwide by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) on Sunday, May 7, 2017 has opened up a plethora of woes for students, most of them minors and many of them still teenagers.

But the show of brutal power is evident when reports said that a student in Kerala was asked to remove her bra, not only putting her to shame but the whole nation to shame by showcasing how its officials treat a girl who wants to be a doctor.


Yes, CBSE has clearly mentioned rules in its admission ticket. Those students in Tamil Nadu who were asked to resize the sleeves of their shirts and abandon their footwear to meet the norms was well within the agreed norms. Since the Board had already mentioned that pens will be provided, those who came with stationary items like pen, and pencil had to leave them outside.

The half-sleeves order of CBSE was implemented in such a draconian manner in some places that some of the students had to cut them by scissors to half at the exam hall. Instead, CBSE should have provided T-shirts to all boys and girls, besides providing the pen.

Those wearing shoes were asked return home and come with sandals or bare-footed. Girls were told to remove their hair pins, bands, ear-rings, nose-pin etc as they constitute accessories.

The restrictions galore reached the peak when a girl candidate in Kannur was asked to remove her bra and sent out to hand it over to her mother outside. The shocked mother told media, “My daughter went inside the centre, only to return later and hand me her top innerwear.”

Some students were asked to remove not only pockets from their jeans but also remove metal buttons. In some cases, nearby homes came to the rescue of students and gave them kurtas for the time being.

“I know of a Muslim family which gave six tops to candidates to wear. Even more shocking was the fact that authorities did not permit anyone to wear full-sleeved top. Those wearing such sleeves had to cut it to make it short-sleeved,” said one parent, as quoted by IANS.

Why in India?

Why it happens only in India? Either we have no respect for humans as we have too many of them or we are still in a feudal mindset. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

CBSE has given them so much of power for one day that the exam officials have exceeded all humanitarian values.  If we treat our own teenagers this way, will they respect us as grown ups?

Human rights activists may now take the lead to stage protests, but who gave the authority to invigilators to conduct strip search? Are we civilized or a barbaric nation?

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