NBA Rumor: Paul George Issue over Roy Hibbert’s Girl-Friend Triggers Row Within Indiana Pacers

The Indiana Pacers found themselves in a murky row over the alleged infidelity issue between All-Star wingman Paul George, who has been alleged to have an affair with the girl friend of center Roy Hibbert.

A report in Baller Alert said on Monday that a follower told the website that George was caught sleeping with Hibbert’s girl friend or fiancée.

The source on Baller Mail said the infidelity within the Pacers locker room has affected the psyche of Hibbert, who has been playing the worst stretch of his basketball career currently.

The report said the woman involved was not really Hibbert’s fiancée, but was merely a friend or an acquitance of the NBA star. However, the Pacers center was reportedly unhappy with George, which might have triggered the team’s collapse recently.

George was caught in a similar incident few months ago, when he reportedly had an affair with a Miami stripper, who became pregnant later, at a time whne he was actually dating Doc Rivers’ daughter.

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