Nayanatara Sahgal Strongly Defends Kanhaiya Kumar, Says ‘Let’s Speak Out’ Freely

Nehru’s niece and writer Nayantara Sahgal has come out strongly supporting JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar as a befitting match against Prime Minister Narendra Modi in voicing the country’s feelings against the current government and its style of governance.

Sahgal said the speech given by Kanhaiya Kumar after his release is electrifying for the entire nation and representing many voices of dissent. She told CNN IBN:”Kanhaiya Kumar has electrified India with not only his speech in which much passion prevailed, but also in the interviews that he has given to the media where much rationality, much common sense, much quiet measured talk and a command of facts prevailed… We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for taking us out of that molasses of depression which many of us had fallen into for a while. Mr Modi has met his match in Kanhaiya Kumar.”kanhaiya

Participating in a function to launch Rajmohan Gandhi’s latest book ‘Understanding the Founding Fathers’, she said people are getting offensive since the “facts of our recent history are being totally falsified and education and culture are really in a battleground by our ruling government.”

Since everything that we value, the whole meaning of India and what India stands for is under dangerous attack, she advocated that “we need to be on the offensive. Everyone of us needs to stand up and be counted and speak out… We never need to explain ourselves to any one.”

Sahgal is among those who returned the Sahitya Akademi award in protest against ‘growing intolerance’ in the country.


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