National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) Brings Transparency to PPP Projects

national highwayNational Highway Authority of India (NHAI) proposes to place all information relating to projects taken up by them under Private Public Partnership mode (PPP) in the public domain to be available on a link Specific project details can be obtained by typing the name of the particular stretch/Project Implementation Unit (PIU) along with this link.

Most Project Specific Websites have already been launched and the remaining will be launched by 15.07.2014. Details will be given about all stages of the project development like construction, operation and maintenance. Each Project Implementation Unit (PIU) will have a separate link. Information for the each project will include name of the Concessionaire, Independent Engineer and Safety Consultant, Project location details, location of Toll Plaza, availability of Ambulance and emergency telephone numbers of nearest Police station, Trauma Centre etc. The Concession Agreement between NHAI and the Concessionaire and between NHAI and Independent Engineer (IE) / Safety Consultants will also be hosted on this website.

Complete database of the correspondence exchanged between the IE and the Concessionaire, between NHAI and Independent Engineer on all aspects of the project, along with details of court cases and arbitration awards etc. will be uploaded on the website. Report of IE on important parameters like quality of construction, quality of maintenance, road safety, tolling etc, Correspondence between IE and the Concessionaire of these projects will also be available. In addition it will contain information, along with photographs, about the progress of work, major developments of the project including change of scope, change of alignment etc. 

Road users and the general public can lodge their complaints, if any, directly on the website in the user friendly form. On uploading the form, email to the concerned officer in the PIU, IE and NHAI HQ will be sent and road users will be kept posted of the action taken on their complaints. Complaints received through letters, telephonically or on facebook of NHAI will also be posted on the website. Redressal of these complaints done by NHAI / IE / Concessionaire will also be posted on the website. 

These websites with all information relating to PIUs are being registered with the leading search engine and can also be accessed through NHAI’s website. (PIB)

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