NASA’s Moon Exploration: Truth or Myth in Washington Post Blog?

Titan Observed Naked in the Solar Wind

This diagram depicts conditions observed by NASA’s Cassini spacecraft during a flyby in Dec. 2013, when Saturn’s magnetosphere was highly compressed, exposing Titan to the full force of the solar wind. Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The blog posting in Washington Post is going viral for over two days online as the author  claimed that NASA had destroyed the only traces of life on moon in the past during its explorations and will repeat the mistake on Saturn’s moon Titan.

“It’s not widely appreciated that these are the same guys who made our own Moon into a lifeless rock by removing all the lifeforms that existed on it,” he wrote.

Caliming that NASA scientists are well aware of a planet that is entirely populated by robots, he says “Why aren’t we exploring that one? Public can’t handle that knowledge?”

While NASA’s stoic silence on such claims and rumors is a standard practice, Volokh claims that he had seen a video that showed the traces of life on our moon and throws a challenge saying they are verifiable facts. he writes:

“Fact: About 46 years ago, NASA detected two lifeforms on the Moon. These lifeforms were able to use sophisticated technology, as NASA could easily verify from their audio and video transmissions that we intercepted,”  he wrote in the blog.

He further claimed that NASA brought them to Earth in every mission and conducted tests on them and then “released them to live among us! They’ve been living among us for decades! The first lifeform ever detected on the Moon died a couple of years ago, and a couple more have also died over this time.”

The blog, perhaps, taken straight out of a movie seems more interesting then the real news. Ironic that it is going viral in social media that looks for rumors and mysterious news bereft of facts and verifiable truths. Any rumor on NASA makes it interesting and an alien story makes it far more viral.


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