NASA to Send Palm-Sized Micro-Satellites in Future

NASA is in the process of sending small and micro satellites which are of palm-size on future rocket launches.

Called CubeSats, these micro-satellites measure 5 to 10 inches and weigh less than 5 kgs each to conduct science and educational experiments.

1423552269nasa.jpgThey will also support the outcome of the findings on Ceres by Dawn mission in studying the origin of the solar system and testing a new radiation-resistant computer system.

NASA has selected 14 such CubeStas are selected for the purpose from 12 states in the US. These satellites will be sent as auxiliary payloads between 2016 and 2018.

These satellites have been built by universities across the country and NASA research stations and some non-profit outfits. NASA said it will collect 50 such micro satellites from 50 states in the next five years.

The program, known as the White House Maker Initiative, entails NASA to leverage the growing community of space-enthusiasts to create a nation that contributes to NASA’s space exploration goals.

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