NASA Seeks Your Ideas to Live on Mars, $5000 Assured for Top 3 Entries

NASA has opened up the pandora box of generating ideas on how to live on Mars though the idea may get meagre $5000. Those interested in slicing out their brain to offer solutions can send their ideas in detail on every aspect of making Mars liveable, if not boring as many would have thought.

NASA wants to send humans to Mars in the 2030s and has launched the “Next Giant Leap” in December 2014, besides testing the next-generation Orion spacecraft and announcing that the Space Launch System (SLS) that is the largest rocket ever built.

NASA illustration on is Manned Mars Mission

“What do you need to bring, and how do you minimize the need for delivery of future supplies in order to establish a sustained human presence on a planet 140 million miles away from Earth?” asks NASA in its statement seeking brainy ideas from the public at $5000 for the top 3 entries.

NASA has invited the public to write down their ideas to make a continuous human presence on the Red Planet easy in terms of shelter, food, water, breathable air, communication, exercise, social interactions and medicine, but “participants are encouraged to consider innovative and creative elements beyond these examples,” said NASA.

Participants should describe Mars surface systems, capabilities and operations that are needed to achieve their technically feasible plan that is achievable, economically sustainable, and minimize reliance on support from Earth.

NASA has set aside a tiny amount of $15,000 for the best 3 ideas, while the rest will hit the dustin. However, NASA is spending heavily on technical front with the testing and developing of its next generation of launch vehicles — the Space Launch System rocket and Orion crew spacecraft.

NASA plans to build reusable space capabilities and creating the systems necessary to maintain a permanent human presence in deep space. Given spacecraft limitations on weight and volume — and a minimum 500 days between resupply opportunities — innovative solutions are required for a mission to Mars that is not dependent on Earth for resources, said NASA.

Submissions for $5000 entry may consist of approaches, capabilities, systems or a set of integrated systems that enable or enhance a sustained human presence on Mars.

Solutions should include the assumptions, analysis, and data that justify their value. Submissions should include a process to develop, test, implement, and operate the system or capability. Submissions will be judged on relevance, creativity, simplicity, resource efficiency, feasibility, comprehensiveness and scalability.

You’ve got until June 7 to send your ideas. Here’s the entry form.

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