Narendra Modi’s Poll Campaign Begins at Haryana, Slams Congress

Prime Minister Narendra Modi kicked off his poll campaign in Karnal district of Haryana with his first poll rally after Lok Sabha elections, on Saturday. Modi, during his campaign, has asked people to vote for a Congress-free government in the upcoming October 15 Assembly elections.

Modi said “For development in Haryana, people have to elect Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government with full majority. The state needs to be free of Congress rule so that Modi can work without obstacles.” Modi asked, “Why has India’s pride increased today?” and said the entire world is talking about India not because of him but because of 125 crores of people of the country, who elected the strong and stable central government with clear majority.
He added that that is people’s magic, not Modi’s magic. He asked, “Do you want that Haryana’s name also echo around the world? Its first condition is that there should be ‘Congress mukt Haryana’.” He continued, “The second that a stable government with full majority should be formed and third, there should be a government which lets Modi work in Haryana.”
Meanwhile, when addressing the rally, Modi described the ruling Congress as “anti-farmer.” He blamed that though the party claimed that Haryana was No.1 State, it lagged behind in several parameters including literacy rate, per capita income, poverty alleviation, health, education and more.
Regarding the criticisms by Congress, Modi said that, those who failed to do anything for the last 60 years are asking for his 60 days work record now. “The people who could not do anything in 60 years, they are asking for my 60 day record,” he said.
Meanwhile, he also attacked the main opposition Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) and asked the people whether they would like a government which would function from the jail. INLD leader Om Prakash Chautala has been sentenced in teachers recruitment scam and is currently out on bail. He claimed that the next government in the state will be formed from the Tihar jail.

Modi also cleared that the news that the government has imposed ban on Basmati rice export was false. He said, “The accusations are false and my farmer brothers and sisters are being misled.”

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