Narendra Modi Visits LK Advani to Wish him on His Birthday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday visited the resident of BJP veteran L.K. Advani on his 87th birthday, soon after his return from a hectic tour of Varanasi.

“Wishing Advani ji a very happy birthday. May he be blessed with a long life and good health,” tweeted Modi from Varanasi and after reaching Delhi, he first dashed to the residence of the BJP veteran.

“His unparalleled intellect and insight make Advani ji one of the tallest personalities in public life. All of us have learnt a lot from him,” he tweeted earlier.

He said Advani’s determination and hard work has made the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) what it is today.¬†Advani was born Nov 8, 1927 in Karachi, now in Pakistan. Currently, he holds no official post in the party or government, much to the chagrin of his followers in the party who blame Modi for sidelining him purposefully.


(With inputs from IANS)

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