Mysterious Voice Leads Police to Rescue Baby in Crashed Car Next to Deceased Mother

In Indian epics ‘Akashvani’ used to guide or warn warriors but similar unexplainable voice guided police officers to rescue an unconscious child in a wrecked car 14 hours after an accident that killed her mother.

The Utah police officers are not able to explain how the voice came from the car seeking help. “Help me, we’re in here,” said in a distinct female voice.

Jennifer Groesbeck, 25, died in a car accident Friday night in Spanish Fork, Utah. Her 18-month-old daughter Lily was found 14 hours later and is listed in critical condition.

Jennifer Groesbeck, 25, died in a car accident Friday night in Spanish Fork, Utah and her 18-month-old daughter Lily was rescued after 14 hours in critical condition. A mysterious voice guided the police to the car. (Photo from Facebook)

Tyler Beddoes of the Spanish Fork Police Department in Utah who was among the four responders to rescue the infant Lily Groesbeck tied with car seat belt while her mother, Jennifer, 25, died after the accident on Friday night.

Jennifer, who was driving car home in Springville hit a cement barrier and skidded the car off a bridge and crashed into the river at 10:30 pm and died, according to a witness. The next day noon at 12:24 pm, almost 14 hours later, they spotted the car and heard the voice asking for help.

“We could see a person in the front seat and then we heard a voice saying ‘help me, we’re in here.’ It was clear as day,” Beddoes said. “We replied back ‘hang in there, we’re trying what we can.'”

The voice stirred them to push harder to rescue the people after pulling the water-filled car onto one side and when they looked for passengers, they were astonished to see the mother died long ago.

Fortunately, the baby hanging upside was above the water and survived though unconscious. They quickly saved the baby whose condition is still critical in a hospital.

Bewildered to explain from where the mysterious voice came from Beddoes was at a loss for words to explain but he was not alone and three other officers with him also said they head the voice leading them to find the car and save the baby.

“I don’t know what I thought I heard,” he said. “I’m not a typically religious guy. It’s hard to explain. It was definitely something. Where and why it came from I’m not sure.”

Groesbeck, the mother who died in the accident “was very compassionate and a very loving person and always willing to bend over backwards for her loved ones,” her sister Jill Sanderson told TV station KSL. “Her baby was the love of her life. She was an amazing mother.”

Police are trying to find out what may have led Groesbeck to drive off the bridge.

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