Mysterious Mekedatu Throws up Dead Bodies, Who’s Behind?

Every weekend, Bangalore wakes up to listen to the sad news of some teenagers who went to Mekedatu returning dead and in some cases even their dead bodies are not traceable unless ransom is paid to locals.

Photo courtesy: Bobinson KB. (

This weekend too two engineering students who went to Mekedatu never returned and after a day, locals helped to trace the dead body of one teeenager, while the other is still missing.

More than the tourist attraction, the reason behind the mysterious deaths is rising many eye-brows with several versions andd conspiracy theories being heard about the deadly river.

One boy who lost his three friends in the currents five years ago wrote, “Plese please please! Don’t visit Mekedatu without any precautionary measure… On 9 th of April. I lost 3 of my close friends who where caught in the currents … So please do avoid this place.”

Another visitor Re visited Mekedatu on 3rd Jan 2010. At Sangam, there is no coracle to cross the river and we had to wade through waist high water to cross the stream to reach the other side.”

Here lies the trap, and currents often take away teenagers and enthusiasts without their knowledge. Parents get to receive dead bodies, if they are fortunate than others who can’t even get back the remains of their wards.

Another theory making rounds is that locals do indulge in killing visitors, if they are teenagers and in two or three-member groups and hiding their dead bodies till their parents come looking for.

Then, they offer help for money, anywhere between Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 Lakh and get the body back. While there is no proof for this, many parents in Bangalore now dread the idea of sending their wards to Mekedatu.

Tourist fun is fine but not to places where even a dead body is not traceable. No one can be blamed for mishaps or accidents or intended killings in these lonely picturesque areas, say parents of those who were found dead in the river.

But they are quick to warn other parents. Especially those in Bangalore should not send their children unless there is sufficient escort and protection, they say. Best is not to send them in smaller groups of 2 or 3, they warn.

“Best to avoid it!” some parents say with tears in their eyes.

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