Muslims Festival of Bakrid Falls on Monday as Moon Not Sighted on Sept. 25

bakridAs Hyderabad gets decked up for the festival season with Batkammas all over the city and Dusserah following it in quick succession while the Muslim festival of Bakrid or Eid al-Adha or Id-ul-Zuha will continue the weekend festive mood on to Monday, October 6, 2014.  Since the moon was not sighted on September 25, Bakrid has been moved ahead by one more day to Monday and not Sunday, according to clerics.

Bakrid is the second most important festival symbolizing the sacrifice made by Ibrahim who tried to follow God’s orders to sacrifice his only son, Ishmael (Ismail) but then God intervened to provide Abraham with a lamb to sacrifice instead.

Bakrid is associated with sacred places of Muslims around the world such as Meccah, Madina, Araft, and Muzdalifah. Even the timings are important for the festival, which will be celebrated on on the evening of October 3 to October 4 in the Arab countries, where both the days are declared holidays for the festival. The basis for the Eid al-Adha comes from the 196th ayah (verse) of Al-Baqara, the second sura of the Quran. The word “Eid” appears once in Al-Ma’ida, the fifth sura of the Quran, with the meaning “solemn festival”.

Eid al-Adha begins with a Sunnah prayer of two rakats followed by a sermon (khutbah). Eid al-Adha celebrations start after the descent of the Hujjaj from Mount Arafat, a hill east of Mecca. Then, Eid sacrifice takes place until sunset on the 13th day of Dhu al-Hijjah. The days of Eid have been singled out in the Hadith as “days of remembrance”. The takbir of Tashriq are from the Fajr prayer of the 9th of Dhul Hijjah up to the Asr prayer of the 13th of Dhul Hijjah (5 days and 4 nights). This equals 23 prayers: 5 on the 9th–12th, which equals 20, and 3 on the 13th.

Bakrid or Eid al-Adha falls on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, one of the sacred months, which is also the 12th and last month of the Islamic calendar. Muslims visit mosques wearing new clothes and offer prayers on the day. Then, they make sacrifices of animals such as goats, sheep and camels to resemble the sacrifice made by Ibrahim. Later, they visit friends and relatives and make donations to the poor.  Hyderabad will witness huge prayer meetings on the day and there may be traffic jams in the old city area on Monday.

The Tamil Nadu government has also declared Monday a public holiday after chief kazi Salahuddin Mohammed Ayub had requested the government. He said since the moon for the month of Zulhaj was not sighted on September 25, Bakrid would be celebrated on October 6, instead of October 5.


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