Mushroom Good to Prevent Dementia, Alzheimer’s: Study

Mushroom, rich in vitamin D, though classifed under fungi, has immense immunity-boosting and anti-cancer properties, said a new study, published in the Journal of Medicinal Food.

Researchers from the University of Malaya in their study observed that regular consumption of mushrooms may enhance nerve growth in the brain, thus delaying the onset of age-linked neuro-degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s.

According to the World Health Organization, dementia and Alzheimer’s may hit 42 million people worldwide by 2020, and the new discovery may come in handy to prevent these neuro diseases, if not make them disappear entirely.

Out of about 100 species of mushroons, the study discovered that certain edible and medicinal mushrooms possess compounds which may offer neuroprotective and cognitive benefits to protect against neurotoxic stimuli such as inflammation in brain leading to dementia or Alzheimer’s.

"Mushrooms exhibit antioxidant, anti-tumour, anti-virus, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, anti-microbial, and anti-diabetic activities," said lead author Vikineswary Sabaratnam from the University of Malaya in Malaysia.

Mushrooms are already known for their properties such as suppressing inflammation, especially in aged patients. Current drug therapy for neurodegenerative diseases is beset with many side effects, and the benefit was only in short terms.

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