MPs’ Force Feed Incident: How Opportunists Seek Communal Violence?

The Maharashtra Sadan incident in New Delhi sparked uproar all over the country with the footage showing MPs forcefeeding a waiter for serving them bad quality food.

What went wrong with the high-handedness of 11 Shiv Sena MPs was that the waiter was on Ramadan fast and their act amounted to force feed but soon the opposition and anti-Shivsena elements began to spread the word giving it a communal colour.

“Let’s not make it communal in the holy month of Ramadan. Let’s not see it as an attack on a community. The Shiv Sena MP in question should apologise for his behaviour,” BJP member Aizaj Ilmi told CNN-IBN in a panel discussion. She suggested that the Mahasrashtra resident commissioner should file an FIR under IPC Section 506 for intimidation.

But more than the television and print, the issue went viral on social media network such as Twitter and FaceBook, blowing the minor incident into a bigger trouble.

What will happen now? Let us see three major outcomes that can happen now:

1. Congress-Driven: The recently defeated Congress minced no words to garner Muslim support pointing a finger at the Shiv Sena. “It is not at all surprising to see this kind of behaviour of Shiv Sena given their fundamental communal mindset… we will not allow the matter to close softly as well,” said Congress MP Mani Shankar Aiyar. So the agenda is clear. They will raise the issue in parliament and force Home Minister to make a statement but seizing the opportunity to get TV coverage, will boycott the session, if required.

2. Shivsena-Driven: Riding high on poll victory, they are not likely to succumb to pressure though statements from the leadership have already began making rounds. Their main worry is to thwart the issue from becoming big enough to pose problems in the coming state assembly elections.

3. BJP-Driven: Being the coalition leader, BJP has moved all its cadre to counter the spread of the incident online and on the social media network. As is known, the 2-million hard-core BJP sympathisers began to tweet counter-messages bringing down the impact and making it light. Hope the party reins in to mitigate the knee-jerk reaction and avoid communal flare in the country.


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