Mozilla Firefox Releases Version 37, Next Update on May 12

mozillaGoogle Chrome rival Mozilla has updated its Firefox improvised browser version 37 for both desktop and Android platforms tweaking several features of display including the URL bar, location display among others.

New but annoying is that locale-based search engine is now set as default and Bing will pop up annoying those used to Google search engine. If you are in Turkey, Yandex becomes your default search page.

For the Android version, Firefox browser has added 6 new locales — Albanian [sq], Burmese [my], Lower Sorbian [dsb], Songhai [son], Upper Sorbian [hsb], and Uzbek [uz]. Another feature for Android version is that the URL bar will show the page address, not the title by default.

For the desktop version, the Firefox 37 browser will now vet the fake and fraud websites via its OneCRL centralised certificate revocation.

For the feedback, Firefax has introduced a new Heartbeat feature letting users to rate the syste and provide feedback about Firefox.

In the TLS version, it said it has fixed SSL errors, TLS False Start Optimisation and improved WebGL rendering on Windows platform. It has claimed to have made several other changes on the HTML.

It said the new browser sports a new download manager back-end and performs faster in downloading files now.

The next improvised version Firefox 38, based on Gecko 38, is currently in BETA version and is expected to be released on May 12 this year.


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