Move Over Women Pink Mobiles, Now Senior Citizens’ Handy Phones Launched

philips_xenium_x2566Taking cue from Pink mobile phone unveiled last year by Indian mobile makers, Philips Mobile on Monday launched Philips Xenium X2566 only for senior citizens, simple to use and priced Rs.3,800.

The phone makes technology accessible to the elderly with simple features like large font size, long lasting battery life and SOS function.

“With changing lifestyles in metros in India and increasing incidents of elderly abuse, senior citizens are often left to support themselves by choice or otherwise. We specially designed this phone to make technology more accessible to and user-friendly for the elderly with minimum intervention from others,” S.S. Bassi, country manager-SAARC, Sangfei Mobility said.

The latest mobile phones are unfriendly for senior citizens with their batteries often running out when it is left on internet mode or it is invisible in daylight due to some latest technology and both Samsung and Nokia series are unable to address these issues.

Senior citizens are often inconvenienced by the standard phones available in the market due to their small font size, short battery life and fragility, said Bassi.

Even the Pew Research Internet Group found in its study that the elderly citizens face several difficulties while adopting new technologies rolled out in new phones released on almost daily basis in India. Two in five elderly citizens indicated that they have a “physical or health condition that makes reading difficult or challenging” or a “disability, handicap, or chronic disease that prevents them from fully participating in many common daily activities”.

The latest Philips phone has SOS function that enables users to set three ’emergency’ or SOS numbers. In case of an emergency, users can press the SOS button hidden under the flashlight to dial out the pre-set SOS numbers, said the company.

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