Move Over JNU, Now IIT Students Protest 

With IITs being transformed into commercial institutes charging very high fees from Rs.90,000 to Rs.200,000 per annum, the students of IIT Kharagpur staged a peaceful protest against the Human Resource Development Ministry demanding reversal of the draconian step.

The sudden increase in the fee structure is a grave burden on those who will join from this year onwards but the sudden fee hike which is 200 times more than the current fee will make many to re-think their choice for IITs unless they are backed by rich parents. The poor students like JNU leader Kanhaiya Kumar may have to forgo their choice of IIT as a destination to pursue studies in the future.

have already been students, while many other students who get admission may have to re-think their choice for IITs in the future. With IIT Kharagpur students taking up the issue, even IIT Roorkee students are planning similar protest.

The recommendation to hike fee steeply was made by the standing committee of IIT Council (SCIC), while the HRD ministry said the fee of SC, ST and economically weaker sections will be waived off completely but the truth is that the middle class which cannot prove that they are poor will have to cough up lakhs of rupees for the studies of their wards despite their talent.

Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, who was an alumni of IIT Kharaghpur, said he wouldn’t have been able to study at the premier institute if the fees were hiked earlier.

Unfortunately, neither the HRD minister nor the prime minister never studied in any such institute or university to realise the value of higher education that too technically advanced studies, which are key to the country’s future.

If everything is decided by commercial value, then the government should remove “Indian” from the IITs and give them a free hand to fleece lakhs of rupees from the students like any other commercial coaching centre or private institute in India.

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