Move Over Flying Car, Here is Flying Bike in 3 Years

Aero-X hoverbikeWhile Flying car has caught the imagination of many automobile and aeronautical industries, here is a US company that has come out with a high-tech flying bike, designed to carry two persons and fly up to a height of 10-ft and reach speeds of up to 72 kmph.

Though the concept was as old as in the 1960s, the stability issue remained a major block that has been answered by the new company to make it a reality now.

Aerofex, a California-based company, said it will be launching its Aero-X hoverbike in 2017, priced $85,000 (Rs.50 Lakhs). The company has begun pre-booking for the bike with refundable deposits of $5,000 on its website.

Though the company unveiled it sbike sometime ago, it was facing control and stability issues during the testing period of its hoverbike.


With carbon fibre rotors replacing wheels, the Aero-X will take-off and land vertically and there is no need for a costly runway or forward motion speed gain for the aircraft. Once on the land, the bike can be used as any other motorcycle, as riders will have the handlebar grips, situated at knee level, to control the bike. Th bike has a system that responds to the rider’s leaning movements and natural balance and maintain stability in the air.

Those who want to ride may require one weekend of training to be able to fly the bike as it doesn’t require road-based regulations and traffic-friendly training. With a pre-fuel weight of about 356kg, the hoverbike can take loads of up to 140kg.

On full fuel tank, the bike will run for 75 minutes.

Flying Car:

Compared to Aerofex bike, the Terrafugia TF-X flying car that was announced exactly one year ago on May 7, 2013, is a plug-in hybrid tilt-rotor vehicle that was the first fully autonomous flying car with a range of 500 miles per flight, equipped with rechargeable batteries easily recharged by the motion of the engine. But it is yet to hit the roads though bookings are on for the model.

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