Move Over Drop Box, Here is Contact Box, New App for All

smart phoneContactBox, a new app that allows users to share their contact lists and manage them together the way DropBox works, is here and its CEO Gal Nahum is upbeat about its success.

ContactBox, the contact sharing app, was created to meet the need of contact organization and collaboration.

Smartphone users have a range of applications helping them share photos (Instagram), documents (Dropbox), Music (SoundCloud) and more, however there was no simple way to share contacts – and here is the ContactBox, vouches its CEO Nahum.

ContactBox has potential to become versatile in both personal and professional domains, though. A couple may have a shared contact list of their mutual friends or of the various home repairmen they rely on.

But those working in an office or say business partners may manage a clients or a suppliers contact lists together.
Among friends and students, it would be that they wish to share a favorite adda or meeting place or list of restaurants to hang around with.

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