Mother Dairy Denies Reports of Detergent in Milk Products, May Move Court Soon

Refuting all reports of contamination, Mother Dairy on Thursday claimed that their milk is “safe” and refuted claims that detergent was found in their milk packets, especially those packaged by its Ghaziabad factory.


Photo Credit: Stefan Kuhn

S. Nagarajan who is the Managing Director of Mother Diary told ANI that the company has been “hearing news” about certain samples that failed the test, owing to the presence of detergent, and he clarified that Mother Diary’s “milk is safe.”

As per reports, earlier this year, in January a few samples of milk that were gathered from Mother Dairy booths in Ghaziabad by district Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) department were transmitted to the Central Laboratory in Kolkata for re-examination.

Vineet Kumar who is an FDA official said on Tuesday that the re-examination reports indicated that both the samples of “full cream” and “toned milk” were detected to possess detergent and frozen fat.

He further said that these samples when initially examined at State Laboratory in Meerut were detected to possess “low fat”, thereby termed to be of sub-standard.

However, Nagarajan said that the first report was indeed good news for them, adding they were “very sure because of the tests” they had done, and that their “milk was meeting standards.”

Kumar informed that it was because of Mother Dairy’s challenge and claim that those samples were transmitted to Kolkata again for re-examination.

Kolkata’s reports on Mother Dairy have been presented to Vimal Kumar Sharma who is the District Magistrate. He will pass on the reports to the Commissioner to ask for his sanction to commence legal steps against Mother Dairy, Kumar added.

In the meantime, Sandeep Ghosh who is the Marketing head of Mother Dairy ruled out receiving information of the re-examination, saying that they are still awaiting the re-examination reports from Central Laboratory, Kolkata.

Ghosh added that due to the presence of conflict in the two reports, Mother Dairy will move to apt legal forum to challenge them.

This report comes in the wake of Bombay High Court lifting a ban on Nestle’s Maggi after the country spent two months dilly-dallying over the decision, which removed the snack off the shelves.

Now, Mother Dairy that jumped from 62nd position in 2014 to 39th position in 2015 in the Top 100 Best Companies survey organized by Great Place To Work Institute along with the Economic Times, is also under the radar.

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