Mona Singh Happy to be Part of film like ‘Zed Plus’

zed-plusActress Mona Singh, who plays as female lead in “Zed Plus”, says it’s satisfying for an actor to be part of a movie that is a political satire, which requires one to portray a range of emotions.

The erstwhile “Jassi” of TV serial said:”It is very satisfying for an actor to be a part of a film like ‘Zed Plus’ because there is a wide range of emotions involved and the audience will get to see it when they watch the film,” Mona told IANS.

A socio-political satire, “Zed Plus” takes a humorous take on existing polity and dance of democracy, and where the protagonist is the common man. Directed by Chandraprakash Dwivedi, “Zed Plus” also features Adil Hussain, Mukesh Tiwari and Sanjay Mishra.

Released today, Friday Nov.28, 2014, the film features Mona Singh, who has played memorable roles on the small screen in shows like “Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahi” and “Kya Huaa Tera Vaada”, was last seen on the big screen in films like “3 Idiots” and “Utt Pataang”.

She does films few and far between as she feels there’s a scarcity of good scripts in the Hindi film industry. “Most of the movies that we are seeing are all romantic films. I’m not against romantic films, but there should be some intelligent cinema as well,” she said.

“There are very few films that I can count, saying I want to watch them again. I can watch ‘Queen’ several times, and then ‘Aankhon Dekhi’ is a brilliant film. I just love these films. It’s different cinema.”

“It takes time to get good scripts and there is scarcity of good scripts in our industry,” Mona added.(IANS)

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