Modi’s Wife Files RTI, Seeks Rights as Country’s “First Lady”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s wife Jashodaben filed an RTI (Right to Information) petition on Tuesday to police in Gujarat, seeking her rights as being the wife of the Indian leader and raising the concern regarding her safety.

Jashodaben, in her application, said, “I am the wife of the honourable prime minister of India,” and asked, “I would like to know under what provisions of the law and the constitution of India am I being provided protection? As wife of the prime minister, what are the other benefits I am entitled to?”

Modi and wife had an arranged marriage in1968, which his family reportedly claims that it can only be considered as a “formal ritual” because Modi had left her afterwards. Meanwhile, as per reports, they are not divorced and Modi has acknowledged her as the wife in the election nomination form.

Jashodaben is a retired school teacher and is living with her brother Ashok Modi at present. In the application, she reportedly claims that, “I, the petitioner, who is the wife of Prime Minister Narendra Modi… travel by public transport while my bodyguards travel by official vehicle. I should be provided a certified copy of the order under which security is provided to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s family members, brothers, sisters and me.”

Meanwhile, Ashok Modi said,she should be provided with a car and women commandos as she is the “first lady” of the country. He said that his sister should live with Modi in Delhi.

Expressing her fear on the security guards provided for her by pointing to the instance of Indira Gandhi’s assassination, she stated, “Gandhi was attacked and killed by her personal bodyguards, because of which I am very afraid. Kindly provide me with details of the guards.” She said, “The commandos assigned to me have no official order by which they have been posted at my residence.”

Jashodaben files her application to Mehsana police in Gujarat and being called the filed petition as a matter of “life and death”, she demanded for the reply in two days.

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  1. Ram Singh Sachan

    Technically, she continues to be PM’s wife and deserves all protocol and courtesy as “first lady”.Alternatively, either of the concerned parties could take recourse to change the situation/status.

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