Modi’s Christmas Surprise to Pakistan: Just Land in Lahore to Greet Nawaz Sharif

In a Christmas surprise, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi landed in Lahore unscheduled and met his counterpart Nawaz Sharif to greet him on his birthday on Friday, sending shockwaves among the diplomats and countrymen including the opposition.

Modi was on his return trip to Delhi from Kabul when he tweeted that he would land in Lahore, despite greeting Sharif on tellephone earlier. Soon he tweeted:


No Indian prime minister set foot on Pakistan since 2004 historic bus trip undertaken by then PM Atal Behari Vajpayee, which many see had boomeranged with the Kargil war in return. Congress leader Manish Tewari was quick to depict the drop-in as “bizarre”. “Any summit level talks between the two countries do not happen in such a cavalier manner,” he told NDTV as Modi tweeted again:

Modi is seen trying to woo Nawaz Sharif when he visited Paris for Climate Change summit and roped in Islamabad’s support for developing nations. Soon, he has sent External Affairs minister Sushma Swaaraj to pay an official visit to Islamabad ahead of summit level talks with Sharif.

But drop-in at Lahore to meet Sharif is more than casual and it sends a strong message to all those in Pakistan and India who are fomenting terrorism in the region, including the military-backed militants in Pakistan.

This surprise visit may have left SPG men in surprise and so is the host in Pakistan. Nawz Sharif hosted him at his ancestral residence and introduced the Indian PM to his friends and ministers. Modi shook hands with almost all the visitors who were visibly taken by surprise to see Indian PM just land in Lahore and wish his counterpart without any protocol or pre-scheduled details.

Above all, it sends a strong message to the army in Pakistan that India is keen to interact with the political leadership despite several hurdles created by them and its ancillary, ISI spy agency.

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