Modi Thanked Media, Says ‘You Have Now Converted Your Pens into Brooms’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday thanked media for covering his government’s Swachh Bharat campaign and said "You have now converted your pens into brooms."

He said he has read many articles related to the campaign, which is being discussed in the media. "I am reading so many articles on clean India. Electronic and social media is also doing a comprehensive debate on it. This is a service to the nation. This is a good example of how the media can play a constructive role," Modi said.

He said that by virtue of these writing, an environment was being created where citizens are coming together to work hand in hand with the government.

Addressing the media persons, Modi said, "Since independence, it was believed that the government would do everything. But media is encouraging people to work for the nation. There is now an environment where citizens are realising that all have to work together."

He said he has had a close association with the media and that he wants to strengthen it. Modi said he gets a vision while interacting with the media. "When I interact with the media, I not only get information, but I also get a vision," Modi said.

Meanwhile, recollecting his times as a BJP worker at the party headquarters, Modi said, “There was a time when I used to wait for media persons to arrive or put chairs for them, I had friendly relations with all."

However, He said that he "is working on how he can increase his interaction with the media so as to get information and different opinions." He said he used to once help with the seating arrangement at media meets and used to interact freely with the press, and even though times have now changed, he was looking for ways to deepen his old ties with the media.

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