Modi Steals Thunder Away From AAP, Defends Lalbatti Ban, Pitches for EPI Midset

What Aam Aadmi Party advocated years ago seeking beacon ban (Lal Batti) has become handy for BJP and PM Narendra Modi who has stolen the thunder away from badly bruised Aravind Kejriwal’s party that had lost Delhi Municpal elections recently.

Modi said the beacon ban will come into force from Monday, May 1, 2017 to revamp the country’s so-called VIP culture that had its deep roots in India’s colonial era when the British rulers instilled obesance with the VIP culture among the local Indians.

Not content, Modi has proposed in his typical style a new word “EPI” which means “Every Person is Important”. Explaining it in his monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat’ today, Modi said, “Generally, there is an atmosphere of hatred for the VIP culture in the country. How deep it is, I realised only recently when the government decided that howsoever big a person may be, he cannot move around in a vehicle using the red beacon.”

The Union Cabinet decided on April 19 to ban the use of beacons from May 1 and it applies to all government vehicles, including those used by the Prime Minister, the Chief Ministers, central and state ministers and judges of the Supreme Court and High Courts.

Seeking to change the mindset of VIP culture, the Prime Minister said, “Although the ‘lal batti’ is gone, nobody can claim that because of this, the VIP culture which has gone into the mindset would have also gone. If we all make concerted efforts jointly, this also can go.”

“When I say EPI should replace VIP, it means every person has value and importance. If we recognise the importance of 123 crore citizens of the country, imagine the big strength that the country will have in fulfilling the grand dreams. We all have to do it together,” he said.

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