Modi Says to Gear up for ‘Unpredictable, Invisible Enemy’

After the meeting with top military officers for the first time on Friday, Prime Minister Modi asked the officers to be prepared to deal with the threat from the "invisible enemy", mentioning full-scale wars may become rare in the future.

Being at the Combined Commanders’ conference for the first time, he stressed on the need for an atmosphere of peace and security essentials for the nation to achieve its goal of economic development.

Modi said that in the future control of space may become as critical as that of land, air and sea while he spoke on the role of armed forces. He said that future security challenges would be less predictable, with fast-evolving situations and technology, adding, “The threats may be known, but the enemy may be invisible.”

While lots of defence deals have been mired in corruption allegations, Modi asked the defence establishment to reform procurement processes and suggest corrective measures to avoid delays in indigenous production of equipment.

Meanwhile, Modi assured that his government would provide adequate resources to overcome shortages and meet modernisation targets and asked the military to upgrade technological skills.

He said, “When we speak of Digital India, we would also like to see a digital armed force.”

According to reports, calling for greater synergy between the three services, Modi suggested that future conferences could be organised on warships, at forward army camps and airbases, and not just in Delhi.

He said the world was expecting India to emerge not only as one of the pillars of the global economy, but also as an anchor of regional and global security.

Modi, according to reports, emphasized the need of an atmosphere of peace and security, which is essential to enable India to achieve its goals of economic development. For this purpose, he said, his government has focused on creating a favourable external environment and on strengthening India’s security.

However, Modi praised the three military wings and said that India’s Armed Forces, which represent the world’s largest democracy, were second to none in professionalism, valour, commitment, service and duty.

He also thanked the Armed Forces for their service to the people in the flood-hit Jammu and Kashmir and during the severe cyclone on the East Coast. He paid tribute to the tradition and training that inculcated the highest ideals and professional capabilities in our Armed Forces.

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