Modi says ‘India Lagging in Medical Research’

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi said India is lagging behind in the field of medical research and more work should be done in this area, in New Delhi on Monday.

Modi said, “India is lagging behind in the field of medical research and much more needs to be done… We should focus on research, particularly on case history. This can be a big contribution to humankind.” Modi was addressing the 42nd annual convocation of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), the country’s premier research and referral institution established in 1956.

“For research doctors needs to keep a good track of patients being treated and maintain their records,” he said. However, Modi acknowledged that Indian doctors are well recognised worldwide.

Modi, whose speech was cheered and applauded by the audience that comprised largely of doctors and medical personnel, donned the peacock-blue ceremonial robe and tussled cap that was worn by the students and faculty at the commencement event. Modi was accompanied by Health Minister Harsh Vardhan. Over 500 students were conferred degrees at the graduation ceremony.

Outlining qualities of a good doctor, the PM said, “Good doctors are the ones who associate themselves with the patient and not just with the disease. They work to help develop patient’s confidence.”

Suggesting doctors to practice what they preach, he said, “…only then your patients will take you seriously”. He said, “For example if you are a cancer doctor and you smoke then the patients will think ‘see doctors also smoke so it is not harmful.”
He also suggested a tradition be introduced of having special guests at convocation ceremonies.

“Can we start a tradition of having special guests at convocation? By special guests I mean some selected Class 8-9 students from a village school? They should be invited so that they can see what the world is all about,” Modi said.

Modi said, “This will arouse curiosity in the student, help him dream and will have a big impact.”

Asking the passing out batch to keep the student in them alive, the prime minister said: “Do not think your student life has ended here…The thirst for knowledge and learning must never stop.”

He said that at the AIIMS “you were much protected. There was always someone to help you – from seniors to faculty”.

He said the students were now entering a bigger classroom where they have to take their decisions on their own.

(With inputs from IANS)

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