Mocked about his sexuality on Twitter, Karan Johar turns red hot

Karan Johar turns red hot and replies back to the person who mocked at him about his sexuality using Twitter, coinciding with the Friday’s US Supreme Court verdict legalising same-sex marriage all over the US.

Soon after the news began spreadin, one user on Twitter posted about the Karan Johar’s sexuality taking a jibe which made Karan turn red hot. “#Rumors : @KaranJohar to get married soon in USA” it read.

Despite known for his witty sense of humour, Karan seemed to be left fuming and also herat broken at the same time. Replying to it, Karan said, “It’s so sad and disgusting when a major breakthrough movement is made into a mockery by some on Twitter!! Shame!!!”


On one hand, the pride is celebrated and on the other people are mocking down each other as the US Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, sending thousands of LGBT, same-sex supporters on to the Rainbow Parade on to the New York City roads on Sunday. Same -sex marriage is illegal in India.

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