Mobile to Automobile: Xiaomi Electric Bike Launched @ Rs.30000

xiaomi mi qicycleWith a foldable electric bike priced Rs.30,000, Xiaomi hopes to make foray into the automobile with its Mi QiCycle Electric Folding Bike in China, while it is a big question whether it would ever enter India.

The compact bike priced higher for even China market may not be a big hit but certainly pushes a new product line in electric bikes.

Powered by a 250W 36V motor, it gets power from 20 Panasonic 18650 batteries providing 2,900mAh each. The technique called Torque Measurement Method makes it easy for the rider to pedal.

Mi QiCycle can travel 45 km per charge and sensors in it provide track of the bike’s features including the GPS navigation. In case power runs out, a Shimano 3-speed gearbox can be used as a standby.

Weighing 7 to 14.5kgs, the foldable bike can fit into the car, making it a secondary support model to navigate in places or busy shopping areas where cars can’t travel.

Several electric bikes and scooters in India have failed the test of usability and it remains to be seen whether Xiaomi will ever succeed in non-Chines markets too.


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