Missing Malaysian Flight MH 370: Confusion 100 Days After Persists

Malaysian AirlinesIt was 100 days since the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 on its way to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur and all search operations proved futile throwing challenge to human and technology capabilities.

Hishammuddin Hussein, Malaysian transport minister admits the disappearance of MH370 has creates void in the hearts of Malaysians and many Chinese families whose relatives were among the majority 239 passengers.

First, the suspicion fell on pilot deliberately diverting and ditching the flight in to the Indian Ocean and the book by journalist Geoff Taylor “Good Night Malaysian 370: The Truth Behind The Loss Of Flight 370” failed to convince many though.

The book argues that pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah deliberately depressurized the cabin, causing lack of Oxygen that could have led to unconsciousness of passengers before the aircraft fell in to the sea.

But before falling unconscious, why didn’t they try to contact families or send SMS messages is another question that requires an answer badly today. As per the procedure, the oxygen masks would have automatically dropped down to save passengers remain conscious for 20 minutes breathing from those masks, right?

The next best explanation was that the flight was intentionally hijacked by terrorists but then why is it that nobody claimed any responsibility even in 100 days? What could have been the intent to keep 269 captives without outside contact?

Finally, it drives to the point that the flight did meet with some accident but our technology is not capable to trace its remains, especially under the huge Indian Ocean. Now that 100 days are over, all hopes of tracing the aircraft remain elusive for humans and there we stand exposed.

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