Miss World 2014: India’s Koyal Rana Fails in Semi-final Round; Why Indians Fail?

koyal-rana2As the Miss World 2014 is underway at London, Indian representative Koyal Rana has made it to the final 10 contestants at the beauty pageant held on on Sunday evening, but failed to make it the top 5.

Otherwise, those who made it to the top five include Hungary beauty Edina KULCSÁR, Australian beauty Courtney THORPE, South African representative Rolene STRAUSS, US beauty Elizabeth Safrit and host country England’s Carrina Tyrrell.

India won the Miss World trophy last time in 2000 when Priyanka Chopra won it and prior to it Aishwarya Rai brought home the glory in 1994. It has been a futile attempt every year though Srishti Rana bagged the Miss Asia Pacific World title in 2013.

In fact, Miss Universe 2000 Lara Dutta has pointed out recently that the trainers should focus on the new lot, their individualities and train them to be all-rounders before sending them abroad for pageants.

“All of them either try to embrace Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka or me, but I think if they can bring their own individuality and personality, it will be more important thing,” she said.

Lara says there are several reasons behind the Indian contestants failing to win the crown. “The contest has changed a lot from the time Priyanka Chopra, Dia Mirza or I won. So, I think it’s good step to re-brand the entire thing because internationally too the requirements are changing. The way the contests are conducted is way different from the time we won,” said Lara Dutta.

“You need to send somebody who is complete all rounder, just one thing won’t work. You are put in various sort of environmental situation where you have to work on your articulation, confidence and be on your feet.It is important that girls around the country really know what goes into making a beauty pageant winner. It’s not just about girl who looks good in bikini or who has a nice smile or nice body or thing like that.”

“I think girls should get more exposure before they compete internationally,” she added. Stressing on social media’s role, she said: “Today, social media and things like that are so big that these girls are actually getting bigger media reach before they actually occupy a title. I think it’s a great concept.”


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