‘Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho’ banned in Muzaffarnagar

The controversial movie, ‘Miss Tanakpur Hazir ho’, will not be screened in theatres of Muzaffarnagar as the local Khap Panchayat banned it few weeks ago.

Directed by Vinod Kaprihad, the star cast of the movie includes Annu Kapoor in the lead role along with Om Puri, Rahul Bagga, Ravi Kishan, Sanjay Mishra and Hrishita Bhatt in supporting role. The movie is close to its release date which is June 26.

The police and panchayat administration in Muzaffarnagar seemed to be worried as the movie is heading to its release date. A number of khaps had announced dire consequences if any theatre screens the movie in Muzaffarnagar.

Reportedly, the police sources said that the state government has instructed the administration to beef up security measures at the theatre where the movie is to be screened.

Allegedly, the Ahalavat Khap claims that the movie starring Annu Kapoor portrays them in poor light. Besides, other khaps which include Baliyan, Katyan, Mehdiyan, Mallik, Deshval and others have also come forward in support of the decision taken by the Ahalavat khap. Bhartiya Kisan Union and Bhartiya Kisan Sangathan also held meetings in protest of the movie.

President of Cinema Talkies Association Samarth Prakash told TOI: “We have decided not to screen the movie at any of the theatres in Muzaffarnagar. We are still recovering from the communal riots of 2013 and we don’t want to take any risk which will be harmful for the peace and harmony of the district.”

Meanwhile, film’s director Vinod Kapri said that the film doesn’t show khaps in poor light and it has been cleared by the Censor Board.

“Miss Tanakpur Hazir Ho,” is a movie which is based on the real event which took place in Rajasthan, a political satire in which a high court sentenced a boy to jail for allegedly raping a buffalo.

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