Miss India 2014 pageant rigged from the start? Some reactions say so

Koyal Rana from New Delhi crowned Femina Miss India 2014 on Saturday at a grand finale held in Mumbai.

Koyal Rana from New Delhi crowned Femina Miss India 2014 on Saturday at a grand finale held in Mumbai.

Koyal Rana from Delhi was crowned Femina Miss India World 2014 at Yash Raj Studio in Mumbai on Saturday night, in a lacklustre event that has lost steam as it was restricted to few celebrities, rigging allegations and entirely blocked from the media other than the official host The Times group.

The entire show will be shown, with careful trade calculations, a week later on Sunday. But the business sense has overshadowed may such events which were enthusiastically witnessed across the country hoping it was really a reality show. But no more. The message is clear. No transparency anymore.

The entire training and pre-show events were done this time outside the country, in Sri Lanka, where it is easier to evade the media watch and the organisers were able to filter the really talented beauties and instead opt for those who had been allowed as wildcard entrants (Read recommended candidates).

In fact, there were allegations that some of the finalists were entirely unexpected, not based entirely on their merit but in a typical Indian way, adjusted to be on the top to please some sponsorers and industry biggies.

The very fact that the show was a hush-hush event from the beginning smacks of organizers and sponsorers colluding to get in those who can fit the bill than opening it up for all sundry entrants. Some extraneous groups do get in with influence and carry away with one or two such titles.

The top winner Koyal Rana, 21, from New Delhi, won the Miss India 2014 title and legibly her win as Femina Miss India Delhi 2014, Femina Miss Beauty with purpose, Yamaha Ray Femina Miss Adventurous, Femina Miss Body Beautiful, Teen Diva, Miss Universal Teen — all go to credit her final journey to win the title. “Live life to the fullest for everyday is a new journey,” says the Delhi University student.

Jhataleka Malhotra, from Mumbai was the first runner-up but her chances of winning Miss Earth should have been taken into account, before her selection. The second runner up is Gail Nicole Da Silva, 19, from Margao, too raised adverse reactions.

In fact, calling herself “B. Sonia (canada)”, one writer has questioned the organizers, the Times group, on its own live blog: “Non deserving christian girl was given the second runnerup and it is secularism and church sponsoring at work.”

The same writer points out some anomalies in the entire event:

“– Initially the contestants were misguided to bring sarees, where as it is special dresses suggestion for the select few.
— The whole thing is like IPL and it is a shame on India. Whole thing is like the cricket match fixing type.

— Four or five repeaters and out of that three ended up in the final five. The whole thing has lost any relevance.

— The whole thing is very shabbily organised. Deadbeat judges. There were Miss Delhi, Miss Calcutta etc were selected, while it was like “cattle collection” from the south without such competition.

— The 20 questions are given to some contestants long back while it was given to many the previous night.

— Even for the final rehersal, the complete contestants are not taken and it reeks of match fixing.”

Nothing succeeds in India, if it is pure merit, is perhaps the way we are destined to live in the future.

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