Microsoft Windows 10 to Bid Good-Bye to Passwords Forever?

Microsoft Windows 10, to be released next month may do away with passwords, a chronic problem for many people despite its security angle. Instead the Windows 10 may feature other modes of identity, including the FIDO or fast Identity Online standards for users to sing in.

While biometric sign in is not ruled out, the Fido may create a “universal framework” for password-free authentication as it supports face, voice and fingerprint recognition to sign in.

In addition, Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport will give twin security identification to Windows device giving freedom for the user from the agony of forgetting passwords. Windows Hello allows the user to log in with biometric data. The computer first clears the user’s local authentication and then sends a public key to login the user.

The public key will not help even hackers to login from anywhere. Moreover, Hello also recognizes the user’s face, using IR camera that allows Windows to make a bio-map of the user’s face in 3D. The feature has been in use for long in PCs.


Otherwise, some leaked images show that Windows is likely to be priced at 99 British Pound sterling and 135 Euros and at $155, when it gets released in the market. However, the upgrade for those using 7 and 8 versions is free.

Windows 10 will a available in 111 languages in 190 countries and its release officially is still a highly kept secret though it would be before september of this year.

Microsoft is partnering with Raspberry Pi Foundation, Qualcomm and Intel to offer its mobile version for smaller ‘Internet of Things’ products.



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