Microsoft Takes Head Long on Google Chromebook With Windows 10 Laptops Priced Below Rs.10000

Without Microsoft Windows there is no way the Bill Gates’ firm can survive and its CEO Satya Nadella knows how to make it tough for opponents in a crowded market too, sell something cheap, garner market share and then take on the rivals.

Targeting the growing popularity of Google Chromebooks, Microsoft has leaked information about its own forthcoming laptops priced at $149 or to say within the Indian budget rate of Rs.10,000.

The new laptop will work on Windows 10 operating system and is equipped with Intel’s Bay Trail platform, with a display of 11.6-inches, compared to Google’s slightly larger 13 and 15-inch display.

Forbes reported that the new budget laptops of Microsoft will target mainly the students and executives on the move who prefer such laptops for the limited tasks such as web browsing, word processing and social media use.

One major factor is its pricing at $149 compared to Google Chromebook which starts at $199.

With 11.6-inch display, Microsoft hopes to cater the enterprise customers serving as a obile and mini-pad version for use on the go. However, critics are not sure whether Microsoft will go the way Palm’s doomed Foleo went or will it kick-start another laptop-level rivalry.

Microsoft is also toying with the idea of using a single code base for all devices making them platform agnostic, meaning that they can run on any devices, regardless of whether they are x86 or ARM-based or whether it has a large screen or a small one.

To achieve this, Microsoft will have to deploy a unified app store instead of having two separate architectures, and open the door for developers to a bigger audience.





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