Microsoft Reveals New Redesigned Preview of Bing Maps

Microsoft has redesigned its Bing Maps which is in the form of floating cards, said website. With the search results organized into floating cards on the left, they display information such as time and similar nearby places and provide an instant comparison of multiple destinations at a time.

MapsPreview070615P2Microsoft said the new re-designed maps will be more touch-friendly and intuitive. The users can now choose between aerial and road views, save favorites, add more routes and get to see streetside views is just a right-click.

It provides predictive routing to estimate travel times based on estimated traffic.

Another new ‘Along the Route’ feature helps users plan road trips with a list of hotels, restaurants and gas stations visible along their journey. The users can share route plans.

One more feature called My Places allows the users to save locations and set them as home, work or favorites in sync with Cortana, personal assistant created by Microsoft, and the Windows Maps app as well.

Available today for those who opt-in, the Bing Maps Preview reflects this feedback. The new Bing Maps is designed so you can search, view and share multiple places at one time, see trusted reviews and photos from partners such as Yelp, get access to a rich set of visuals and information on the places you plan to visit, make it easy to plan your travel times and more.MapsPreview070615P1



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