Microsoft joins Apple to shy away from CES 2013

While Apple’s absence in CES 2013 is a foregone conclusion, even Microsoft has opted out of CES 2013 for the first time reflecting the new publicity stunt by the giants as the new year dawns upon the tech-savy visitors.

The mega show of tech gadgets CES 2013 at Las Vegas will be opened for visitors on January 8 and will go on for three days. While the organizers Consumer Electronics Association is confident that the show will succeed with Google’s Android phones making the wave, Apple’s ubiquitous absence in the show for years will again be felt and Microsoft’s absence will another jolt for it.

With Microsoft opting out of the show for the first time since 1995, the association will have to struggle roping in big brands in the tech and mobile phone industry. Another pointer is that all major tech-giants may be going solo with their own exhibitions belittling the CES in near future.

Apple, for example, has its own exhibits organized at least twice a year and occasionally as the product launch demands.

Other giants on show will, however, include Samsung of Galaxy phones and tablets and Sony, besides many brand makers who play peripheral but certainly a major supportive role in augmenting the modern tech gadgets.

Apps developers and 3D TV makers are likely to dominate CES 2013 as was the case last year but surprises cannot be ruled out.

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