Microsoft Hops on to ‘Buy Free Pay Later’ Strategy; Will it Work?

Microsoft Corp will rarely change from its stance of walled software and Wednesday’s gesture to give free Windows 10 goes with a rider that it is available free only for on year.

All users of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 versions can upgrade freely to Windows 10 now for ONE year but have to pay later, in a typical ‘Buy now pay later’ strategy.

However, it may prove a better strategy to retain the customer-base that is fast dwindling for the company founded Bill gates, the richest man on Earth. The free upgrades will be applicable for both PC and mobile version.

The company is gambling with the idea of first expanding its user base to as many devices as possible in a year and then charge them for other add-on products like Windows Office, cloud or Office over the Internet.

Microsoft’s other announcements made by Joe Belfiore during the two-hour-long Windows 10 event include the future of Windows Phones, playing Xbox games on PC, and its holodeck goggles.

Microsoft Office Free for Mobiles:

Microsoft will provide Office, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as part of Window 10 for phones and tablets, but not for PCs.

Hololens from Microsoft

Hololens from Microsoft

Hololens, or goggle-based ‘faceputer’ that will project VR on go is going to be part of the Windows 10.


Microsoft’s Cortana voice-assistant will help users to give commands and ask questions throughout the operating system, similar to the mobile assistant from Apple and Google stable.

Xbox One Games:

To be available later this year, Microsoft Windows 10 allows you to stream Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device in your house.

Microsoft Surface Hub is an 84-inch, 4K display that runs Windows 10 with speakers, multi-touch surface with support for multiple active pens and dual-camera depth sensors that detect when you walk nearer to it, mainly meant for the conference room.

New Xbox App for PC, Xbox, and mobile and it will let you text and chat and do everything you love on Xbox Live across every Windows device you have and also lets you stream your Xbox One games to any Windows 10 device.

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