Google is planning to roll out paid music service in India priced at Rs.99 per month. (File Photo, IANS)

Microsoft and Google to Dismiss Patent Battles

Microsoft and Google have agreed to dismiss their entire pending patent lawsuit against each other.

There were about 20 different lawsuits in Germany and the United States involving issues as varied as mobile phones, wireless networking, video decoding and other technologies, reported by The New York Times

Also, cases included Motorola Mobility (the smartphone maker that Google sold last year to Lenovo) to get dismiss, according to a joint statement by both the companies.

The companies further added, “collaborate on certain patent matters and anticipate working together in other areas in the future to benefit our customers.”

Though Microsoft is struggling to compete in marketplace against Google’s Android OS based smartphones, the tech-giant has struck patent licensing agreements with many Android smartphone makers including Samsung.

According to analysts, Microsoft who settled a lawsuit this year involving contract with Samsung over patent royalty payments earns billions of dollars a year in such royalty payments.

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